Bugs In The Forum Category! (Idea)



I was thinking, there is a Bugs In Player Topic a Bugs In The Editor Topic. So why isn’t there a Bugs In The Forum Topic? Should it just be part of the meta-forum topic? Should it be it’s own topic? Should it not be is
To own Topic all together?
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  • I think a new section called “Bugs In The Forum” should be added
  • I think we should use the “Meta-Forum” for reporting bugs
  • I think we don’t need a topic to report bugs about the forum
  • I don’t think there are any bugs in the forum
  • Other opinion(state below)

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You know how we have a bugs catergory then other sub catergories? We could have meta-forum and a sub catergory could be bugs in forum.


You ran into a bug with creating PMs right?


Yeah that’s what I meant, I didn’t mean a whole new category…sorry if it looked like that.


Why did you make two different topics?


The other one glitched out and was only part of this. @t1_hopscotch is it possible for you to close the other one?


Tht does not control bugs in the forum. Report them on Discourse Meta.
(I think it’s meta.discourse.com or something.)


I even saw one yesterday!



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