Bugs in HS that I have found - please fix



There is are 2 common bugs in HS keeping me from coding a lot.

Bug 1

When I try to open some of my drafts, HS freezes, then crashes.

Bug 2

When I code a code, and try to play the project to see if it works, it simply just has the screen as if I didn't put anything in the project yet.


Please Fix.

Best regards,


That's annoying :00

It rarely happens to me, it may be that you have a laggy iPad?


Maybe you have on older ipad. This doesn't happen to me


Same. I have this problem allllllll the time.
Why I would've thought that this has been fixed by now?


I do have an older iPad, but it happened on my school one when we still had the app at school... so it shouldn't make a difference.


Thanks for letting us know, @catkitty30 ! We're working on these bugs today, and need your help narrowing in on the problem. (This is for everyone—if you have experienced these bugs, please help us!)

For bug one, can you try making a bunch of different drafts and see if there are specific types of drafts or steps that lead to Hopscotch freezing and crashing? If you can share the names of projects for which this happens repeatedly or steps to make it happen repeatedly in new projects.

For bug two, can you share the names of projects where this happens? Does this happen every time? Again, if you can share the steps to make this happen, that would be super super helpful.



Bug 2 it doesn't happen all the time, but it mostly happens when I have to go out of the draft for a minute, then I go back in and check some stuff and it usually happens, sometimes it does this forever and I lose the project because I can't play it, and sometimes it goes away after a few times. Good luck on fixing it!


It's probably the device. That happens to me because my iPad is ANCIENT