Bugs in hopscoch



I was making a game when this happened:

This is very WERID
Hopscotch please fix this if you have this bug or you would like to list another bug please do so below:arrow_down::grinning:
~Gabe Nelson


This is actually a very old bug. When you click the x button and the play button at the same time, I think that's what happens.


All I did was click on my rule (not on the X)


This bug doesn't last a long time, and it comes occasionally. I wouldn't worry about it.


Ok but it does block the space that the blocks are in but I'll take you advice and I won't worry about it!:wink:


I have that too but just ignore that it's usually a minor scripting bug


I think it will be fine once you close Hopscotch and reopen it :smiley: