Buggy Central: My Freezy Breezy General Topic


I finally have one of these! Yay!

This is the place for:
ME getting to know YOU
Asking me about coding and the latest HS and HSF news
Becoming my fren
Anything related to buggy. Yay buggy!

This is the topic where I get to be self absorbed while still talking to others as if I'm not! Yay!


Good morning Hopscotchers! I love frozen fruit. And cats. And coding. And did I mention cats?


Yes you mentioned cats xD

Hello :D


Easy breezy Cover Girl
cause your worth it




Hi! What is your favourite block and project? :D


@RainbowGalaxy I love all the game changers, I can't choose! But my favorite block is the "Set Text" block.
@TheRainbowChicken fixed it :+1:🏻


Great answer! :D