Bug with When Bumps event?


Has anyone been having trouble with projects not responding to When Bumps correctly?

Does anyone see why the When Bump event isn't working in this project:

When you tap a dot it grows & the dots that bump are supposed to turn red.

Thought I'd ask the community for input before submitting a bug report...


Hmmm... :thinking::thinking::thinking:
That's strange. I tested some simple bump code, and it worked fine for me. I think there is probably a bug in your code, or your code is just so complex it is glitching.


Nonsense. Anyone can make a mistake or miss something :blush:


Thanks for having a look. If there's a bug, I can't find it. And the part for causing and responding to Bumps should be straight forward:


I tried changing the condition to When Circle bumps Self. It results in a large ring around the tapped circle.


Good idea, I hadn't tried that.

But still not just the dots that are touching, right? I just tried changing the order and it seems to work (or rather not work) the same.


I really don't know what's wrong with it. I'll keep messing around-I'll tell you if I find anything.
Edit: I messed around in it a bit-I think it's a bug. There seems to be nothing wrong with the code, so I really don't know.


Thanks again for having a look at the code! If none one else finds anything wrong within a day or so I'll submit as a bug in the app to THT


I've had a similar problem. If this is a bug, it seems to cause other clones than the bumped to act "bumped" when a lot of Clone bumping happens at the same time.


@CreationsOfaNoob Thanks.
I've been troubleshooting and have noticed that with 9 clones or less it seems to be ok. More than that and the Bumps start glitching.

I tried to determine if the problem was related only to simultaneous Bumps (with a different project), but since it detects phantom Bumps where none really occur, it's the hard to say what the collision detection routine "thinks" is happening.


Well that is true I don't really get the coding level that your on
It's probably glitch cause it's complex or something


Hmm, that's odd. I'll go check further in the code

Maybe try it with a lesser amount of clones. That may be fix your issue.

Also, I notice that it says: When self bumps circle
This may refer to itself and the other circles since they are are clones.


I also changed to code to:
If self touches anything turn red

They all were touching the numbers, so they listened to that.


I turned the indexes to invisibility 100, but the circles are all turning red when it equals 1 even though they are not touching anything


You have to decrease the size of the circle more. Putting it at 20 will work better. The circle seems to bump each other when there is nothing, so maybe try a Unicode image.


Yeah, it's not working.. this is really weird

Make a new project with like 3 or 2 circles so you can get the idea. Then add more circles


I might check it on my newer iPad, but I have not used code including bumps recently. I think I used it for my Pong game that I made like a month ago, but I have not used it after that, I think.


@Liza @awesomeonion @Rodrigo
Please see OP and subsequent thread for bug report.
If this is a known issue could you please comment on causes, versions affected, & fix ECD when known. Thank you.


I dunno. I haven't had the chance to go on Hopscotch yet though....................have you tried the "When () is touching ()"? The () stand for object. But that might work.


Hm, I think I've been able to replicate -- I clone a circle and then send the clones wild. Collisions appear to be triggered when the clones are not actually bumping anything. We're going to look into this further and will report back!

Thanks for flagging.