Bug with update 3.33.1 — objects in editor moved! Also you can’t move them back — they’ll shift back


I just downloaded the latest version of Hopscotch like two minutes ago.

I went into one of my published projects, into the editor, only to discover that all the (formerly) organized objects shifted towards the bottom right corner of my iPad!
Same thing happened with all my other published projects, and even my drafts.
(Well minus that one draft I remixed from my brother’s account.)

And it even affected other people’s projects too!

Oh yeah, also I’m tankt2016, on an iPad 6th Gen. if any of that is useful.


that’s so weird…




Before trying anything crazy, make sure to clear all your tabs and turn off the iPad. If that doesn’t work, restart the iPad.

After that, if you’re still encountering the same problem, you might want to contact THT.


Ok ima try that.


Ok shutting off my iPad didn’t work — even the objects in a draft that I put back into their original positions shifted back.


And dangit restarting my iPad didn’t work (but I don’t have an email and I don’t want to use my parents’ emails so…).


Oh no…


we need some help


Thanks for letting everyone know! I’ll try to avoid updating hopscotch for a while.


Yeah that was a good idea to inform people :+1:


wait you can’t move them back either, ooooh that’s not good especially for a project I’m working on.


Oooooh yeah I am so annoyed at this bug because I had this really great project with an editor someone (thankfully) organized and now it’s all unorganized ;-;


Oh gosh! So sorry you guys, I thought we had fixed this bug. We’ll look into the issue.


Other people have reported this…this is a real problem!


Thank you for responding!


Update: due to human error, we released the wrong version of Hopscotch into the app store. We’re working to release an update as soon as possible, but we do have to wait for Apple app review. I’ve requested them to expedite it.

Where’s the add code block?
Where’s the add code block?
Everyone's General Topic :〕





Oh no! That’s unfortunate. Thank you for informing us!



Could you fix the performance issues as well?

That would be very much appreciated!

Thanks for the cool new update and a sneak-peak of another HS update coming in the future :grin: