Bug with math formula background colors


@awesomeonion @Rodrigo @Ana

Just FYI, the bubble background colors for math formulas aren’t working correctly on the latest released version. I know the bubble highlighting is a focus of the 3.33.1 beta so I’m posting this just for awareness.

These are 2 example sequences of creating formulas, where the colors don’t reflect the ordering.



  1. Exiting and reopening the project corrects the colors

Device: iPad4,1
iOS Version: 10.2
Hopscotch Version: 3.32.1
Player Version: d61e651




Then why reply?


Why not dood


when you mean not working, do you mean
A. Not showing the right color
B. just will not work in general


Question: does it work in the latest beta version?


We’ll take a look at it. Thanks.


Not a big deal, I just copy and paste into the same spot if it ever bugs me


I was finally able to reinstall the beta & test. The beta has the same “issue” with the background colors, but of course it also has the persistent highlighting which facilitates comprehension of the sequences even without the background color changes.