Bug with levels


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iPad 6

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I was trying to open the levels, and it wouldn’t work.
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  1. Idk. It seems like it’s just for me…


I expected this to happen:
Levels to open
But instead this happened:
Said to check my internet connection, then come back in a while. It’s been a couple of days.
Here’s a sweet screenshot:


I have also had this before…


That happens a lot with me and not just on Levels, on the whole app.
Well actually I haven’t been in the levels tab in probably a year so


Ouch a couple of days. It’s happened to me for a couple of hours at most


That is indeed correct. Just the levels tab will not load


Same on the old Hopscotch app too. The “New levels” tab doesn´t load, probably because levels could be getting depreciated, updated or replaced with something else. However, the “Finished levels” (remixes of levels) tab loads fine, but it doesn´t really exist in the “new” editor, I believe.


Yeah. However, I saw a remix of a level on the newest page.

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Generally this is HS’s fault. It just happenes

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Yup, happens to me


Maybe your WiFi has been bad lately.

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Nope. My WiFi’s always bad. However, even when I’m on good WiFi, it doesn’t work.

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Okay. You probably need to update Hopscotch or your iOS software.

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