Bug with drawing trails


So I was doing a let it snow project and I was trying to do a strait yellow line for the road
And This happened


Tell me if I need to add or remove anYthing from the code


Hmm I think it’s the “repeat forever” block. You should probably delete it and just put “1000” in the move forward block :slightly_smiling_face:


Nope didn’t work


Add a “wait” block, and make sure the black trail is not repeating.
What’s happening is that the black and yellow trails are being drawn as the same time. If you hold back the yellow trail, then there should be no issues.
Try setting the wait to 100, and if that doesn’t work, increase the wait by 50-second incriments until you get the yellow trail on top. Hope this long and winding explanation helps!


Wow the memories.

  1. Remove bring to front.
  2. Maybe add a repeat (insert something like ten here) times: wait 0, and if nothing happens, increase the repeats. Make them match the blocks use to draw the road.

And remove all repeat forgers in trail art.


The bring to front is not needed because it isn’t a shape or object. I think there is something else in your code that is making it do that, like maybe another line going against or with it…


It is fun to see someone using the same editor as I normally do! As this is an old editor, it might be a bug that has been fixed in newer Hopscotch versions. What code do you have in the custom block? What happens when you remove it?


Just wondering, how did you have the older version of HS coding there???


Didn’t update it.


To solve = wait block + removing bring to front


You are right. This problem is probably caused by two trails drawing at the same time, like @Panthera also pointed out.


Because I have a very old iPad that has my old Paige1212 account and that can’t update hs