Bug With Drawing? Anyone else experiencing this?



This morning, I decided to make a giant rainbow pixel art screen that looks like this:

I noticed that at the top with the dark purple there is a giant gap, a gap in between 2 of the green rows, and everything seems to be aligned differently then the first row. My code looks fine to me, but here it is anyways:

Ability Draw code below:

Ability Moving below:

New Rule for values below, but I don't think it has any effect:

If anyone else is experiencing this, please let me know! If it is my code, please also let me know! It hasn't been published so you can't find it on my page yet. @ian @liza @alish I hope this can be fixed soon!


I'm not sure but i think that the gap is filled with white pixels, because white counts as a colour.


If you want to know if your pixels are white what you do is this.
You make a leave trail command with the colour black, and make it go everywhere so your background is now black,
then you trigger the pixel command, if the pixels are white you should be able to see them on the black background.
If you don't understand just tell, i will send you pictures of the code.


Hey @SoapyBubbles! I just sent you an email about this but I also wanted to post it here so others could see.

The iPad screen is 768 in height, and in this code you're setting the position of the first line of pixels above and beyond the screen.

So try initially setting your Y position to 767, rather than 775. That way, there shouldn't be a gap in the middle and the rows should all line up.

Drawing is "contained" within the screen's area, but I'm not sure why exactly setting position outside of the screen causes the gap.

Thanks so much for posting!


Thanks @TromaxTheDestroyer, but that's not it. I set the value so once it should be white, it goes back to purple. That's an awesome trick, though! I'll be sure to use it sometime!


That is strange! So the actual height and width of the iPad's screen is (1024, 768)? That will definitely help someday :smile:


I known this forever. Yet another old trick being discovered. Change Character's Name


@NDSDNS, what trick?


I mean the fact the iPad's screen is 1024, 768. My first account (this is my third) started in August 2014.