Bug with dragging whens in beta


In the beta, if you put in a game starts with a check in it like this:

Then you try and drag the game starts into the empty check block.

Then, you let go and four times out of five, this happens. What?

I am on an IPad Air 2. What is going on here?

  1. You could’ve posted this in the beta topic.
  2. I think THT already knows about this.

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Yeah, I decided to make an official bug report, just in case they hadn’t seen it.


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The forum Lisa makes the text move with the code like in her topic
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The obey me thing doesn’t work when I click on it it doesn’t change color


@MISSION_IMPOSSIBLE I was only replying because @Petrichor was replying but he deleted his comments to make me look bad!!


Ummm… can you stop replying? That is completely unrelated. BTW, what do you mean by β€˜move with the code’?


Do you have access to new beta versions? Can you take a look at the latest version and let us know if you still have this bug? I can’t replicate it.


It definitely still happens to me…


What do you do to make this bug happens? Is it the same as the one where you drag from the border?


It doesn’t even drag for me…


I just did exactly what I said at the start of this topic.


To drag things around, you need the beta. That’s kind of the whole point.


I have the beta. That’s why I posted that.


Ah. That’s odd. (Sorry.)

Just a random question, how do you make the text small in your posts?


Just do the <small> tag!


Hmmm… It doesn’t work… (This does though.)



Type <sub> to get smaller text.