Bug with bumping several clones at once


The code above creates a heart with you can drag around, and a stack of fan blades. You would think the heart will become blue when it bumps the fan blades, but when you just move it near them (not touching yet), the bumps rule gets fired.

Try it for yourself here:


What’s wrong with my code?

Hey maybe try not using a bumps? Maybe try a ‘touching rule’ with a check to limit the length?


Anyways I found a solution. It seems like when clones are clogged in one position their area is increased.
I put a set position anywhere on screen and everything was working fine:

As you can see it’s not buggy and when it bumps it goes invisible.


Very strange! I’ll play around with the code and see if I can find anything. I tried changing it to “is touching” but the bug still occurred.

EDIT: @BlastFusion’s post solved the problem already :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s the bug: when there are several clones nearby then the collision field increases, or gets messed up somehow.


Interesting. I made a project to test it.

Keep in mind that there are ten text object that are drawing the dots. They’re clones


Interessant. Ich will look into this further.


Maybe the areas on the fan blades are adding together to have a larger bumping field. I’ll try setting position and see where the object goes.


Huh! This is a real sticker. I did some playing around and found some data

Once any object’s (no matter the size, I tried this with different objects) center reaches within 150 pixels (on Retina display, 300) of the Fan’s center, the collision occurs.

I also set the fans clone value to stop cloning once there are 11 clones (11 is the minimum value for this glitch to happen)

When the center’s were 150 pixels away, the collision did not occur, however, when brought just a pixel closer, the collision occurred.

That’s it so far, I’ll be playing around a bit more :ok_hand:

Alright, this bug seems to happen when there are 11 - 4095 clones.

Now I’m going to try to set the positions of the clones once they’ve been cloned


This is both interesting and weird…



From this similar report
New Hopscotch Beta (5/19/17)

Liza’s response was:

That was last June.