Bug while making object shake


so in my animation to @CodePerfect, I was trying to make an object shake, but it just went up. Can someone help with this? @moderators


You just change the y by the 3 and 6. Do not add or subtract the y position or it will go crazy!

Instead, use -3 to make it go down, and 6 to make it go up.


What do you mean that I just went up? Could you also post this on The Animation Topic?


And also, making it go down by -3 and up by 6 will cause a problem in the code where the object will constantly go up by 3 every time. Make it -3 and 3, not -3 and 6.

I hope I helped!


Thanks @zachyswag! I now know what to talk about in chapter 7!


Is it almost done?


No. I'm supposed to do the whole body.


It goes up because you added a y pos bubble inside it!
If you're going to add a y pos bubble to make something move up a little, use Set Position!
Also, you forgot to add something—another y position - 3!
If you changed your current setup to Set Position blocks, it would only go down 3 and up 6!
If you add a y position - 3 after those, it would shake properly!