Bug when you turn your ipad


I turned my iPad a few times on my drafts section and here's what happened

They spaced far apart. Also this isn't a big deal but I thought I would report it cause it looks weird


I actually liked that layout. Thought it was pretty cool :slight_smile:


Woah it does it to every page!


Put your iPad into portrait mode, and then put it back into landscape. That should fix it!:smile:


Yeah I got that too…


Oh ya I haven't tried that but I restarted hopscotch like exited out my tabs then re opened it now it looks like this


And when you turn it on portrait this happens


Woah also is that on iPad or iPhone cause mine was on ipad


Lol that happend to me just now


It happens to me on ipad too


This is def a bug. We're working on it :slight_smile:




@rodrigo aren't u the hopscotch graphics designer so basicly Imake the Ui.


Yes, I designed the UI, but this is more a bug in the code, or the relationship between Hopscotch (app) and iOS, and what does iOS thinks it should be doing to rotate the screen. I can't control it.