Bug when typing Values into long Blocks



Your username: Super Mario Mini Games

What kind of device are you using?: iPad Pro 9.7" March 2016, iOS 10.2

Hopscotch Version: 3.26.1

Description of the problem: When typing a value into a block with multiple “sub blocks” and I drag the block around because I was to take a look at the math that isn’t shown, there’s a weird text bug that takes place:

What I expected: When I drag the block back and forth, I expected that the value I’m entering to stay put on the block, not stay put on the screen

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I thought it’s supposed to be a new feature, because this happens to me every time.


Yeah, its been happening to me for years, it’s super annoying


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Sure, why do you ask tho? XD


Idk, she hasn’t posted since early Jan or so
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Oh yeh i’v seen that


She was just on i think


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That is something weird! I think that I have seen this bug been reported on the forum earlier, but maybe that was a similar bug and not the particular one that you mentioned.


Ah, ok
Yeah, this one has been bugging me for a while

I’ve messed up and entered the wrong things before
It’s a little annoying

If it is a feature, there should be a toggle somewhere to turn it on and off