Bug Report: Text (transparent background) masks other objects from "touch" events


Bug Report: @Montoya @Liza @Rodrigo @awesomeonion

Text (transparent background) masks other objects from "touch" events

Your username: ThinBuffaloSr

What kind of device are you using?: IPad Air w/ iOS 10.2

Description of the problem: Objects that are under transparent areas of a text object do not respond to "touch" events

Steps to make the problem happen:
1) Add any object. For the example, I used a text object with a button emoji. (This must be created first to demonstrate bug)
2) Add a text object & give it some text that includes spaces.

3) Add the following event to the button.

Play project. So far this works as expected.

4) Position button in the space of the text

Play project. Now the button will not respond to the tap.

The text (Text 2) was created after the button (Text 1), and so the button (Text 1) is under & being masked by text (Text 2), which is on top, even though the button is under a transparent area of the text object.

5) Add a Bring to Front block to the button.

Play project. Now the button responds to the tap as expected.

But the transparent text background should not mask objects underneath from touch events.

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So rip Flappy Bird ;-;


That's a good one. Will check it out!


Like @Liza said, she will check it out. I hope it will be fixed.


I've had a problem similar to that, but I worked my way around it by using variables to set it's position and etc.


Ooh, that just made me think of another workaround (don't know if this will work) -

When iPad is tapped
    Check If abs(last touch X - object x position) < 20 And abs(last touch Y - object y position) < 20
        // object was tapped