Bug Report: original object


@Liza @awesomeonion @Rodrigo @t1_hopscotch

The ‘original object’ object reference doesn’t work for object variables, while it does work for object traits.

The new Bold Text custom rule uses an ‘original object’ reference for an object’s trait. That works fine.

However, the example below shows that the ‘original object’ reference isn’t working for object variables.

This should display 1 & 1 for both the original object and the clone:


Now, change the object reference to ‘Text’ (which is the original object) and the code works as expected:

Also, going back to the ‘original object’ reference but using an object trait to store the value works as expected. So the issue is only with reference to object variables.


I’m guessing that someone will ask, so just to note: The ‘original object’ reference is new along with custom rules. This allows (or should allow) custom rules to be written that can apply to any object.


Good find! We’ll fix it.


That’s great. I have also noticed that my HS app always crashes when I publish a draft for the first time, so I have to open the app and then try to publish it again. I can’t really give you any more steps than:

  • Make a project on the old HS editor.
  • Load the project successfully on the newest Hopscotch version on an iPad Air 2 with iOS 10.
  • Choose a category, design the screenshot and then tap “Publish”. For me, the app crashes, and I think that it sent a bug report to you. As I said, I have to open the app again and then tap “Publish” a second time.

This is probably just a weird bug, but in case that you actually can fix it, I thought that you should at least get notified about this. And don’t worry, I am fine with having this bug, I just wanted to point it out.


I see that the bug has been fixed. Thank you. Just curious - How’d an update get rolled out without a new version?


We can fix the player without a new version, it updates independently :slight_smile:


I think that online links are broken again…I think it may be because of the new Hopscotch update the links might crash…@awesomeonion @Liza