Bug Report (Does Anyone Have This?)


Has anyone noticed (or have had) the like bug on Hopscotch? I use the mobile IPhone/IPad version and when I get notifications and try to like the project that I was notified about it says “Sadface, we can’t connect to the internet. The responce code was unacceptable: 400.” Every time. And it also shows that I didn’t like the project (even if I did like the project) hmm. Anyone having this?image


It happens to me too. The message shows up because you had already liked the project. It just sometimes shows that you haven’t and when you try liking it again, it gets confused.


Nice to know. I still think they should fix it… People might get confused.


I suppose.


I had this issue too. Like Hopscotcher said, it does that when you’ve already liked the project.


Sometimes yes when viewing it in notifications


I have this issue too, and I think that THT could fix it pretty easily. Check my more detailed post here for more information.