Bug Report: A humongous factor playing in the rapid decrease of FPS

So I was cleaning one of my projects out because it was rather laggy and crashed a lot. I ended up deleting many texts. (Some were rather important)

Then I said to myself; ‘Haha, this is going to be great! There’s gonna be no lag!’

I made a fool out of myself when I noticed that the fps dropped by about 75% and the lag was insane! I was shocked, and there were no bump rules.

Then I went into my code and was trying to find out why. Then I see this weird outdated rule.
‘When object is tapped’
I noticed that this rule replaced all of the deleted texts that were in that rule. I immediately changed all those rules and wooosh! FPS returned to 63 (average) and the project was running very fast. But why would hopscotch still have old rules like this? Shouldn’t they be removed?

But why is that rule so laggy?

Anyways, watch out for this coders. It is silent and deadly :grimacing:
(@/POMTL) (@/Liza, @/AwesomeOnion)



Probably because it couldn’t find what object it was talking about, and also because it is an outdated rule so the computer couldn’t understand what to do with it.


I don’t think it does that much. I will do some tests. I think it was a combination of you deleting that because it was currently saying when a text you have already deleted is tapped.

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I don’t know, probably because you deleted the objects that were in the rule.


Yeah that is what. Was saying. But it sounded better in my head.


@ThinBuffalo does this bug happen on any of your big projects?

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