Bug! Please fix :(


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I was playing some projects and then one of my new projects.. Morphed with it?
Steps to make the problem happen:
1. Publish a project with clones and follow finger
2. Play an art pad

I expected this to happen:
No morphing
But instead this happened:
It combined
Here’s a sweet screenshot:

Note the fireworks...


Woah. That's super werid! I have never experienced that glitch before!


How does dat even work? :P


Wow... is that just me or is two projects combining...weird...


Why would hopscotch even have code to compile them :P:P:P


Yah... It's pretty annoying...


It's the new update.. Sooo glitchy!


I duunoooo, the new update is laggy and glitchy :confused:


That's why I didn't update.


Lucky. My iPad auto updated.


Ahhhh! @Kitty4u I know why.

Somehow, in the new update the file code for "game starts" has become and infinite loop. For example, when you use a conditional like _(something) = _ (something else) you may notice that's it's an infinite loop, unlike a check once if.

The "game starts" was more of a check once if code, but has become more like a conditional.



I'm glad I never updated...
Though combining drafts is actually a feature I have wanted :stuck_out_tongue:


Summoning @Liza @Rodrigo @awesomeonion


Hi all,
I just took a look, here's what I think happened:
Kitty4U opened a project that she had made a while ago (I can tell because it is listed as version 24), and we had a bug in our update code. If you play it on iPad and press "see code" you'll see that the position of the clones is a weird "random" block that doesn't look like the normal random block (no parameters) rather than the last touch x and last touch y as it should be.

Here's the original on the web (it works) though it is glitchy on the iPad:

I made a remix that works on web and iPad:

We'll work on a fix, sorry about that!


Wow! How cool! I never knew... I just opened up an old draft and messed with it.


Haha, after this I don't want it.


That happened to me once
I played a game were flowers were falling and I had to redownload HS because the flowers kept falling


Yeah I've experienced that. Just leave the app swipe the app up and go back in.This has happened to me a bunch earlier in hopscotch like last year. SO just restart the app