Bug, or incorrect code (please come to topic if your a clone pixelartist)


Oh okay hmm :thinking: Had you made the other changes already? I thought it was following the code as expected after I made those first two changes, but maybe it's different


Did it work fine when you changed the code??



Yeah I hadn't tried removing the Forward yet though


Have you still got it in your drafts???



It hadn't saved in my drafts when I edited :sweat: I will have to view the project link again to do that.

And I am right here :smiley:


Ok thanks! (Yeah if you get it right could you maybe publish and unpublish it? :DDD @t1_hopscotch


Okay I will have to take a bit of time :smile:

@Dolphin_coders I may have to do this a bit later, my iPad is charging


Sorry, I know it takes time and it's a big ask!


Oh ok that's fine! :smiley:


It is all good!! no that's okay :smiley:

I have bookmarked this to come back to it later :blush:


This doesn't seem to work any more :cry::thinking: Hmm it comes up with 'oops this page does not exist anymore'.


Hmm do you want me to publish and unpublish again?


I think that would work, if that would be okay :smiley:




Hmm not working again :frowning: I think it might because I have the beta version, let me re-install the regular version again...


(Wait is the beta version any different??.)


:smiley: It is not much different, it is just that clicking the link doesn't seem to automatically open in app :thinking:


Hmm I will do something elseeee


Did you see the title of the project?? :DDD