Bug on Hopscotch (maybe just for me)


Hopscotch Team! Please fix this bug: Every time I view a project I made, it automatically goes to drafts! It is still published, but my drafts was overflowing this morning! PLEASE PLEASe PLEAse PLEase PLease Please?!


That happens for me too, but if you hold one down it will bring up Xs (like on the home screen of the iPad) and you can delete them.


Yep that's right here is a post on deleting drafts (or abilities too) if you're not sure on how to delete drafts.


Just delete the draft!

Click draft for the topic abut deleting drafts. The delete is something else.



уαн тнαт нαρρєиѕ тσ мє тσσ...


Same with me. It also happens if my project is liked or remixed. So then i have to spend some time cleaning out my drafts.


Same here. No matter, bugs will be bugs. i like your work!


This is for me too. I'm thinking everyone has it. :confused:


Same here. I've had it ever since. Lol :sweat_smile: