Ok, I need to report a glitch. This is very important and I want it fixed so I can sign up.
Here is what happened:

The conclusion: So, when I sign up, and I enter my birthdate, it crashes. Please fix this bug, or else I can't sign up for Hopscotch Beta.


Try double tapping your home button and swipe up all the apps and just leave hopscotch.


I did that. Never works.


I might have a idea: leave the birthdate as is.


Hey @HappyDolphin! Great bug find! We fixed this one and updated the beta. But guess what! The beta is now in the app store as a full update! Can you update and let us know if this happens?

Thank you!


I can't find the new update?!?! Maybe it's because I am New Zealand?!?


I experienced this bug too. When you press "Done" on the birthdate, it crashes. So you're right @HappyDolphin you can just leave the birthdate as it is for now :smiley:

I forgot to mention this bug @ian but I'm guessing you were aware of it and glad it's fixed now :smile:


I can't seem to find the update either....maybe it's location too? I'm in Australia.


@t1_hopscotch,I waited a about an hour and then I got the update!

Update not appearing for Hopscotch v2.15.0 ☑️