Bug Help Please THT!


K so I've got a bug
username: smilingstudios
what kind of device am I using iPad 3 & iPhone 7+
1 sentence description when I duplicate my draft it duplicates it self like 10 times and crashes hopscotch
steps to make this bug happen
Pressing the duplicate button
** I expected this to happen**
There is 2 of my drafts
** but instead this happened**
There is like 10 same drafts
screen shpt


@Liza @Montoya @Thomas @Rodrigo it happened both on my iPad and iPhone




That bug seems familiar


um what does that mean ??? :D


Something leike dat but happened to me but I'm not sure ¯\_( ᐛ )_/¯




Are you on the latest version of Hopscotch? I just tried this and it worked okay, so not sure what's going on!


Did you tap it 10 times?


We've seen that the duplicate button can be real slow to respond, any chance that you're tapping more than once to get it to work?


Can I fix something in the title?


Nope just once for sure. Yes and I have the latest update :D


Wow, cool project!
That's never happened to me before, but again, I never really duplicate projects. I've only beta tested the feature.