Bug For The Forums?


Hello! This isn't a bug for Hopscotch but it is for the forums. I saw a noticfication pop up, I clicked my profile pic and it went away. I wanted to see what it was.


That's happened to me once.
I think it was because I used a link to upload a pic instead of uploading a pic stored on my ipad or pc.
@system probably checks the website link when uploading from a site for safety and to prevent inappropriate pics being uploaded.


Do you mean you get a quick little flash on your icon but no new notifications show up?

I get that too it's weird...

My only theory: when someone tries to like your post but it out of likes so it goes away... Probs something else XD


That happens to me all the time and it's super annoying! I think maybe someone could like your post and than unlike it really quickly.


It was a reply though


Maybe they deleted there post really quickly?


I read this topic, thought hmmm that's interesting, and then I moved on. 10 minutes later this exact thing happened to me. What's going on?