Bug: Editing numbers


Hi @Liza, @awesomeonion, @Rodrigo, @Ana

When editing number bubbles, the editor doesn’t allow you to press & place the curser at a desired digit. In order to change a number, one must back space all of the digits up to the desired one, then retype all the digits.

This is an annoyance & inefficient, but more importantly increases the chances of introducing an error.

I could see this being viewed as an enhancement request rather than a bug, however since this behavior isn’t what the average user would expect I just chose the label “bug”. Either way, I’m hoping it could be a simple fix…


Thanks for this! I’ll take it back to the team.


I agree! This problem is very frustrating


This for me is categorized as a bug I almost never complain about. But it’s totally great if it gets fixed!


Tell me about it. It’s super frustrating.


I agree! This will hopefully be pretty easy to fix as it is minor but still something that can be considered as annoying.


Yes. That gets super annoying for me too.