Bubbly Q&A! :D (Bubbles4Ever929) yey



Ok so this is just a simple Q&A you've probably done this before. But if you haven't.

Basically you ask me questions but! No innopropriate stuff, must be hopscotch related, and please don't turn this into a debate about let's say.... The maze runner for example.


How do you get ideas for projects?


Umm I guess they just come. I get a lot of ideas and then there just becomes too much for me to handle and. Well. They get buried in my drafts. Then I dig them up one day and work on them some more. Most of the time I just think something different or unique.


Start it back up up up up up...


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Probably patience. When I went on and I felt like I needed to get this out now. When I wanted some contest to just start already. I still am kind of impatient but, that's probably my biggest obstacle


Are you currently working on any big projects?


Yes. It is a giant collab making the sims 4 and my own would be draw a Stickman epic. A draw your character and then play it game. Along with a surprise project.


Awesome! Sounds cool!


Sup. Any more stuff?


More reviving.


What is your profile picture?


Do you like impractical jokers more than me?

Answer: NO!!! XD


I know this is an old Q&A but..... will you ever rejoin the potato club? The potato club is back after a vote, and we need you again. YOU created the account. YOU are one of the main people of the club. YOU are the one that made a potato fly around your room. Please? If you say no, look at this puppy and think twice.

p.s. Im doing the same thing to DancingLollipop... hehe..... nobody can resist this puppy... muahaha.