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@Bubblyoreo I will make a new temporary topic so that we don't clog up the other topic with irrelevant information. I have emailed the Hopscotch Team @Liza about it.

For now, I'm not sure whether you can use this or not, but I think you should have a read of the Community Guidelines post and Community guidelines FAQ so you know (click the links to read them).

Once the Hopscotch Team has seen what's going on, I think we should delete any irrelevant comments from other posts. It's important to post relevant comments on the Forum so people can find helpful information more easily.

I see that you didn't know because @SQUISHY posted about it when this is meant to be a private beta forum. Don't worry about it but now at least both of you know this is a private beta version.

Continuing the discussion from Help make the forum better:

Help make the forum better
Gobli's General Topic II 🤔

Hi @Bubblyoreo! To answer your question: Anyone can use the forum :slightly_smiling:

To start, we invited a small group of community members to get it started before opening it up to the whole community. Right now, our goal is to set a good structure so that it will be easy for everyone to use in the future. We're going to invite the rest of the community later this week.

t1 had some great suggestions on how to get started on the forum: reading our Community Guidelines. It would be awesome if you could help us by asking and answering questions (like, for example, "how do you add a score to your game"). Here are some tips on asking and answering questions.

Let us know what you think!


Thanks Liza. For a minute I got quite worried. This forum is great just that we should probably put it on an app because you have to keep copying and pasting the link. I am about to answer some questions. Thanks for letting me use the forum.
From bubbly Oreo but call me B.O if you would like.


@Liza @Bubblyoreo I'm glad, that's great to hear! Welcome to the forum :smile:


Hi @Bubblyoreo,

Yeah! We're going to put it in the app later this week. First, we want to make sure that we've built a good culture and it's easy to find what you're looking for.

So, hang tight! Link in app coming soon :smile:




Will the Internet browser still be supported with an iPad if you wouldn't want to install the app? 🤔


I am wondering the same thing as Rawrbear.... :thinking: