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What made you want to code? I dunno... I've always loved to play video games and I realized, why don't they have a game like this? I figured a ton of people would play the game if I made it. And looked up coding apps! @DreamyLemon

Who is you Senpai? (fixed the spelling) @SmilingSnowflakes!

Can you have the same Senpai as another person? hmmm well it depends. You can, but the other person may or may not request a Senpai war.

How can you move topics? uhh I dunno @Deadfr


Whenever I have an announcement, I'll post it!

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@DreamyLemon I answered the question


Thank you! Just asking because I would really like to have @LotsaPizza as a Senpai.


Is @SmileyAlyssa war still happening?


BUDALUDALIDALUDA I'm back. Anything you want I got (most likely)


Questions? Stuff? Anything?


So here's some stuff I've been working on...

Main Project


Other Projects

Cake Wars (with Billy the Sloth)
This illusion thing
Hopscotch's Freezeria
Super Bouncy Fun Time!


Is Hopscotch's Freezeria like Papa's Freezeria?


Yes it is! I LOVE IT TOO


Hey peeps got another announcement :0

Whenever there's a new announcement see the word in parenthesis? It'll change. That's how you know there's a new announcement!

And another announcement :3

I'm playing some XBOX 1 games for inspiration, but which one would you be most interested in seeing a remake of? It won't be finished anytime soon because I got a ton of stuff to work on, but it'll just add to my list.

  • Limbo
  • Viva Piñata
  • Never Alone



Hey peeps it's your boi Bubbles with a progress report on what's coming up next in draft ville! This list is in the opposite order of how likely it is to come out soon.

Dolphin Outline Thingymajig trail art
Bubble Pad
Everything you can make with the tutorials
@SmilingSnowflakes' Profile Pic
Snowflakes for @SmilingSnowflakes
Mail Simulator V2.0
Super Bouncy Fun Time
Hopscotch's Freezeria
Draw a Stickman EPIC
Cooking with Cupcake
My Website
Cake Wars
Test World
Cheez-It Simulator
Bubble Talks
Impossible Quiz
Virtual Friend
Actual YouTube
Temmie Trail Art
@Anonymous' B-Day Prezzie (coming July 4th!)
IMPORTANT DRAFT (Summer Contest draft)



Don't ask why

I just need them


K here's a poll

I want to make a school (a coding school) what type should it be??? Is my question. So here are 2 polls to help me decide lol.

Should I do it?

  • No
  • Yes
  • You'll just forget about it like everything else.
  • Maybe
  • You won't do it anyways
  • You're not a good teacher
  • If you do I'll join it
  • You'll probably make up some petty excuse like you always do
  • You'll just say you're too busy
  • Nobody will want to do it


What Should it Be?

  • School of the Arts (music, trail art, draw pads)
  • School of Variety (Values, Music, Trail Art, Games, etc)
  • School of Helpfulness (How to help to the best of your abilities)
  • Drawing School (How to Draw)


FAQ that are not actually frequently asked but I think you might like to know

Q: Why do you want to do a school?
A: I want to only focus on one thing right now so I thought a school would be my best option

Q: Won't you be busy with your real life school?
A: Yes I still have school, but I can make room for it in my schedule.

Q: But if you're adding more to your schedule won't that make you busier?
A: Well, it'd be better to have one thing to focus on at a time then for it to be like, OMG I HAVE TO DO THIS PROJECT AND THEN DRAW A THING AND THEN, so basically I would be replacing my hectic option, with a much less hectic option.

Please please please let me know if one of these already exist.


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