BubblegumCupcakeMix's Game Show :D



I know everyone is doing this so I decided to do it too! XD

Here I will ask questions and you answer.
I will keep track of your points.
At the end of the game (10 rounds each game) I will either give 20-50 Likes or a Follow to the person with the most points! If you win with a lot of points it is more likely you will get a follow or 50 likes. And if you win win very little points it is more likely you will get around 20 likes.

Let's get started :D

Ninth Question...

What are my 4 favorite treats?

How you get your points!

1 point: u said something completly wrong.
3 points: u said something I don't really know or like
5 points: u said something that I know and kinda like or you answered part of the question correct
8 points: u said something very close but not correct or you answers most of the question correct
10 points: correct answer
Credit to @Snoopy and @PixelMaster64


@TheGreenBanana 55
@Maltese 5
@William04GamerA 3
@BB-Box 13
@Anonymous 8
@tankt2016 21
@Niftynia75 1
@minioncandy 74


@pingu @maltese @MagmaPOP


@Pingu is CORRECT!

@Maltese and @MagmaPOP are super awesome Hopscotchers, but they aren't in my top 3.

You get 5 points for guessing @Pingu!


@SmilingSnowflakes @DancingLollipop?


@SmilingSnowflakes is also correct.
You get another 5 points!


@Kawaii_Lover! :DD


You get 5 points @Maltese c:

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Next questions? @BubblegumCupcakeMix






Around 3000-4500? You are awesome!


You get 3 points.


You get three points


@Snoopy originally made it :D


Oh, I'll give her credit too.


Hmmm. 4000? (guessing)






Honestly, I was just bored. :3
I didn't think any other people would make one too! :D