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This is my randomness topic!
Here I can answer questions, get constructive criticism on current drafts, make polls, show sneak peaks of projects, give shoutouts, and other stuff!


Don't be inappropriate!
Stay on topic!
Be nice!

Credit to those who did this before me. :)

You can...

Ask me questions
Give shoutouts
Give me constructive criticism
Make polls
And other stuff!

If you wanna talk to me now is your chance.


How much do you love HS on a scale of one to ten?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 10,000



I love hopscotch, but there are glitches and haters.


Do you like me?

  • You are super cool
  • I like you a lot!
  • You're OK
  • I don't really like you
  • Who are you?



Who said they love me?




le XD


I am on Scratch and making a game (which I could Hopscotchify) called The Darkness Of The Night. Check it out!


Me! And some questions...

Mass Q & A List!

Alright, what is your favorite project?
What is your favorite character on Harry Potter?
Who plays Batman?
How was your day?
Do you have any pets?
Why do you want to do this Q&A or AMA?
Do you like milkshakes?
Who is your favorite character?
Batman or Superman?
Do you like singing?
What do you want to be when you get older?
Who is your favorite Hopscotcher?
What is your favorite project made by you?
Do you play the piano?
Do you play any musical instrument?
Do you Hopscotchify any music?
What is your favorite block?
Do you like sports?
What is your favorite book?
Do you like Hopscotching?
Do you like the community?
How many stars would you give Hopscotch?
Who do you follow?
What kind of projects do you like?
How, in your opinion, would a Hopscotcher be follow-worthy?
Is this list long?
What is your favorite movie?
What is your favorite video game?
Do you like video games?
What is your favorite meal?
Do you like polls?
Do you liked being tagged?
Do you like the forum?
How many stars would you give Hopscotch and the Forum overall?
Can you answer any more questions?
Do you like coding?
What projects, in Your opinion, are like-worthy?
Are you friendly?
Are your hands tired?
Do you think this is the end?
What is your favorite number?
Guess how long this took me to write!
How many drafts do you have?
Which one is most complete?
Do you have any ideas for projects?
How did you find Hopscotch?
On a scale of 1-10, how well do you think you are at coding?
Are you on the Friendly Mass Tag List?
If you could, would you add your voice to projects?
What is your like record?
How many features?
Are you still reading this?
How many likes do have on your first project?
What is the meaning of life to you?
Do you play minecraft?
How awesome are blue penguins?
How awesome are rainbow penguins?
How cute are penguins?
How cute are cats?
What is your favorite game you've coded in Hopscotch?
Do you think those questions were Hopscotch related?
Who are your hopscotch friends?
Have you made an animal related project?
How many people do you follow?
Have you made a potato-related project?
Would you choose Minecraft or Terraria?

Made By: @tankt2016
Questions Added By: Paydent12, @Fun_in_the_Sun, Bubbles4Ever929, @GracefulIcing1, @Holly_Aarmau, @Stampys_fans, @EnchantedAnimallover, @Catface4, @CrystalPanda, @GoatLord, @crazygoat, @JaggedJeans,







You are the best coder!
(Congrats on becoming a Leader!)


Thank you so much! :D


You're better then a potato!

(And you know how much I love potatoes)

Look at my account @SmilingSnowflakes


Mini SHOUTOUT time!

First SHOUTOUT goes to.....


She is a great friend and she is really nice! Please follow her and like her posts and projects!

Second SHOUTOUT goes to.......


She is also a great friend and she is really sweet and funny too! Please Follow and like her stuff!


Thank you so much frend :3

Gices 'c:' heart



Your welcome friend! You are awesome!



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You are an awesome coder, you are really helpful on the forum, and you are really nice! You are a great Hopscotcher!


You are AWESOME @Gilbert189!


Look at the project I make since it's Summer! Please check this project out, it took me a while. And if you enjoy it please give a like to show support!
Thank you!


Aww, thanks so much! :D


You are awesome @Gilbert189, so I thought I should give a little shoutout to you!




@XiaoMiaoMi because she is an AMAZING artist in fact she is one of the best artists ever!
@SmilingSnowflakes because she is an INCREDIBLE coder and an AMAZING artist.
@PopTart0219 because she is so great at everything, art, coding, being nice, being helpful, and so many other things!
@KiwiCute2016 because she is such an amazing coder, I just love looking at all the GREAT things you've published.
@SmileyAlyssa because, well you know she is like AWESOME. And she is SUPER nice!
@Crazy_Crawfish because she makes amazing projects like no one else.
@Pingu because she makes amazing projects that are SUPER cute and creative!
@OrangeScent1 because she makes AWESOME art that looks amazing.
@LotsaPizza because she also makes INCREDIBLE artist and is a great coder.
@everyone because they are all super AWESOME!