Bubble Club! Read on please



I would like to have a pretty big collab. Here is the list of ranks:


President: @Bubbles4Ever929

Rank 4 Vice President:

Rank 3 VIPs:

Rank 2 Good Helpers:

Rank 1 Members: @Dude73 @beeboo621 @Deadfr @tankt2016 @EggsOnSaturn1 @Fun_in_the_Sun

Ok. So there will also be a job list. Also very important.


Musicians: @Deadfr
Trail artists: @EggsOnSaturn1
Just coders: @Dude73 @Fun_in_the_Sun
Idea people: @beeboo621
Beta testers: @tankt2016

And a mini point system! Which you can use to rank up and other things. Every member will have a score. There is a shop to trade points. You get points by being a good member.


Dude73 - 2 points
+1 for idea

Beeboo621 - 2 points
+1 for idea

Deadfr - 1 point

Fun_In_The_Sun - 2 points
+1 for idea

EggsOnSaturn1 - 1 point

Tankt2016 - 3 points
+2 for two ideas
Note: points vary from 1 - 5 and you get 1 point for joining

Point Shop


  • Rank up Member - Good Helper 30 points
  • Rank up Good Helper - VIP 50 points
  • Rank up VIP - Vice President 100 points

Other things

  • switch jobs 10 points
  • add something to store 15 points (has to be approved)
  • +5 points 5 points (basically nothing)

How to get points

To get points just like, help out, do your job, fixing glitches, did I mention your job?


  1. Batman vs. Superman -Dude73
  2. What if? -Bubbles4Ever929
  3. Truth or Dare -Beeboo621
  4. Choose your story -Tankt2016
  5. Match game? -Tankt2016
  6. A game show -Bubbles4Ever929
  7. You vs. comp tapping war! -Fun_in_the_sun

And that's about it... Yeah!


This sounds amazing! Can I join? :smile:


I am a musician and I would love to be part of this. Are you only taking certain people?


Yes! I shall add you to the list! Just tell me what job you'd like.




Uh, either trail artist or coder, you can choose. :smile:


Great so can I be either the musician or coder or idea person?


Can I join, if I can, can I be musician?




I'd probably rather be the musician but since deadfr wants to be a musician I can be something else.


Your probably good at music, can there be two?


Ok. I do not want a whole lot of confusion. @Deadfr you are musician @beeboo621 you are idea person and @Dude73 you are a coder. There.


Also yes there can be multiple people but... I like it when things are even so I will be mainly making sure everything is even.


Ok. Now. First project! Ideas?



Batman vs Superman! :smile:


Bat man for the win!!!:blush:


Ok we got one idea.


Batman vs. Superman - Dude73
What if? - Bubbles4Ever929


Can I join the fun on coding? (That's what I want to work for)


Ok! Adding you now. Welcome! Any ideas for the first project?

Current ideas:

  • Batman vs. Superman - Dude73
  • What if? - Bubbles4Ever929


I need to think for a little