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@CrystalPanda here! Or Bubble.Chow or simply bub chow. This is my general topic!
Credit to everyone who did this before me.

In this topic you can
Ask me questions
Help me with code
Other stuff!
Ask to be my friend

Please do not pots any inappropriate things and spam this topic!
Thanks bai! Oh and all humour and art will be accepted
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Hi @CrystalPanda! Just wondering, what's your favourite project in Hopscotch? It could be just your favourite request you were given, or a game or art, or anything!


Well...it would probably be this one @YuxinaYammy!


Oh I remember that! Haha my drawings were bad back then.


No they weren't! I thought they were really awesome. When you did that request for me I was so happy! @YuxinaYammy


@CrystalPanda Ahaha, thanks so much! When we first became friends, it was awesome!


Anyone??? sigh ?.......


Happy 2 Year Anniversary @CrystalPanda!!:birthday::cake::gift::confetti_ball::balloon::tada::panda_face:


I just saw this but
Aaahhhh thank u so much @Kitkat26!