BTS coding club! [Maybe re-open?]



Hi guys! This is the first topic I made in a long time.

Welcome to the BTS coding club! This will be a collab if we can get enough people to join. The BTS coding club will be a collab that the club can make BTS related projects.

A few years ago I made a collab account called Downright Dreamers. The set up for this will be pretty much the same. If you want to join, you will have your own job part of the collab. You can have up to 3 different jobs. What we need:

HSB Finder (3 people):
Beta testers [beta testers can also fix minor mistakes that they found in the project] (2 people):
Musicians (3):
Background creators (2):
Designers (4): @Explorer_
Coders [everyone in the club]: @Explorer_


plz be nice even if your NOT INTERESTED in joining
plz don’t argue with other people


Anyone here a BTS fan that wants to join?


I’m sorry if you were tagged twice
And I’m sorry if this topic is not worth tagging the OMTL


Sorry, but I don´t even know who BTS are, so I am most likely not the right person for this club.


It’s ok
Was it worth tagging the OMTL? Cuz I don’t know if I used it correctly for this topic


Yeah, but as it is about coding, maybe the POMTL should be used. I don´t know though.


I h.ate behind the scenes but I have a video I want to show yall





I’ll watch it but you have to watch that video I tagged you on.


Oh cr,app I forgot ok


This was a good video


Being regular didn’t guarantee me infinite likes :pensive:


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