BTD5 remake collab


Okay, if you don't know what BTD5 is, it's a simple game that you defend against bloons with... Monkeys. Yup, monkeys. Look it up, but thats literally the concept. Anyway me and @XiaoMiaoMi are most likely going to make a BTD5 remake on hopscotch. I am wondering if we might need more people, so I'm just gonna ask for some people to volunteer for the BTD5 hunger games, cause this is definitely hunger games now.




im interested
you got me at monkeys


:open_mouth: I liek kittehs too! So, do you know the mechanics of the game?


I might be able to help. If you want to know my Hopscotch username it is SizeableWig.


Can I wear you then? I'm guessing you know the mechs of the game?


You can't wear me but I have played the game and I know how it works.


I'll be on later to say some stuff, but try to think of some ideas of how to freemove the towers, and think ahead.


I can help out by giving code advice here on the forum.
Do you know how to destroy/hide individual clones?

I made this a while ago.
You can check the code if u want.

I also made this code demo for you.
You can drag the stone head around and lightning bolts shoot from it .
If the stone head is touching the black square, the Lightning won't shoot.
You could make a path with square clones so towers won't work if placed on the path.


That's basically perfect! If you could make it invisible when placed, that would make it perfect so it can't attack or be seen.


Okay, um, start by thinking about how the Bloons are gonna work and how they will work on the path. I'll put up the link to the path later.


I have no idea how you'll make the balloon clones. @Stradyvarious and I were stuck with this part, but in any case, good luck! :)


I'm thinking about a blob going the exact way of the path..


Only a single blob, like a MOAB blimp?


Um, well then I would have to change the money to like 5k cause a dart monkey wont work


Yeah, any idea how to move it then it can't move again?


It would be better if you got the money/buying system coded first.


I know that part ;-; I'm good at values most times :stuck_out_tongue:


An easy way would be,

When tower1 is pressed,
Check if cash is greater than 0
Increase cash by-1
Set position to last touch X-Y

This way whenever tower1 is dragged around, it costs the player money.
I know a better way that would require using more values and coding.
I can't really help any further.
I showed you a project on destroying individual clones.
And dragging a tower that only shoots when not touching a Sprite/path.

Good luck with making this game.:+1:🏻:+1:🏻