Browser-specifc bug: "Maximum call stack size exceeded" [Chrome 80]

Project I got it on (presumably occurs on large projects or set texts / sprites):

Browser: Chrome 80 – might be an issue with compatibility with the Chromium engine itself due to its security measures.

Issue: Overflow → Project freezes

  1. This issue used to not happen: the project used to work before the newest player update with the .tail prototype function.
  2. Only happens in some browsers. Project works fine on iOS.
  3. Content Blockers made no difference.

(I report this as a bug because like emojis, this doesn’t happen with my player – this one, however, I do not know the source)


Can you check if it is fixed now?


Bump @Awesome_E

Yep, it was fixed at the same time the emoji patch was pushed

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So clive?

Yep, it’s solved

@leaders clive