Bringing back to you: Numberity, one of my old games, as a revised version!


Hey guys, Ken here! If you're one of those who followed me after my Finger Trigger project (or one of my featured projects that are released before the original Numberity v.1.0.0), you might know of Numberity: It's just simply a game where you must pick from the choices a number to add into the current value so the current value will be the same as the value needed to achieve!

Why it is delayed and a short story in the making of Numberity: Revised Version

Like 3 months or more before the revised version v.1.0.0 release, I noticed that my device can't run all of its new versions, so I planned to make a new one, but the iPad broke (as in the charger port) which led to my brother to let a technician (or whoever fixes broken gadgets) fix it and lead to him not letting me borrow it again.

As of October 26, we went to our province to celebrate Nov. 1 there - 3 days before Nov. 1, my brother went to our province and let me borrow the iPad until Nov. 3 (today)! I thought of a project to make since the next Astral installment will be long to make in that kind of schedule. I remembered Numberity! That day, I started the making, and on Nov. 2, I uploaded it.

What's new?
  1. New background color
  2. Wins/Loses/Turns counter now clickable to switch to next description (ex. Loses to Turns)
  3. Can be ran on older devices (iPad Mini 1st Gen at least)
  4. Instructions for beginners!
  5. A new friend called Orb to guide you with the instructions

And other game modes in the future!

Just give me the link!

Okay, here you go..... o_o







I seconded this game on featured! It's really cool!





I can't see it


Can you visit my profile in Hopscotch and give me the real link? I don't know why it doesn't work (it doesn't for me either, I just noticed).


Ok!what is your hopscotch name?


My HS name is kenlauescuadro


Here it is






Your welcome! You can @ me to talk but you can call me Mia


Feel free to tell me if you found bugs or feedback so I can fix it in v.1.0.2 :slight_smile:


Feel free to tag me too!I am glad to help people!


@kenlauescuadro if you know i am following you'hehe'


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I played it and it is really cool! I like it a lot :slight_smile:
Great job!


Hey, all! Here is the link for v.1.0.2 - which fixes the instructions bugs!


Great game! I liked it!


New version: v.1.0.3 - Little tweaking to instructions, now Orb will tell you the ways of how you can lose in Numberity! I don't recommend intended losing.....


In v.1.1.0, I plan to add codes so you can play a preset - which means you can enter a code and just have random stats! The news is: you can opt in for a code - which means you could just continue from a save with just a code!

There are capacity for a million(!) codes - so how will you be able to opt in?
For opting in, you need a Google account and your stats!

1. Tag me saying that you want to opt in for a code
2. Once I ask for your Google account email (to create a Google doc), send it to me. I will tell you if I got it so you can delete it!
3. Once I add you in the doc, give me your stats (wins, loses, turns) with pictures. I will tell you that you'll get your code once v.1.1.0 is out.
4. Once v.1.1.0 is out, you'll get your code in the doc!

Yay! Now you got your code!

Note: This is not final: If the code feature (this) makes Numberity lag, I won't add it.


(Google Docs isn't allowed!)