Bringing back my GT?


I want to bring it back soooo, there we go. I also did get a feature for World Simulator, and thanks a lot😄


okay hi
who’s your fav singer?


Congrats on featured!


Hmm, sadly I don’t have one, but I do have a favorite artist. Who’s heard of DAgames?


First feature I assume?
If not…still congrats.


Thanks, it’s my… 6th? 8th? Feature? I’m not to sure


Still gj on featured


From the omtl guidelines:


Hope this helps. Some people in the tag list don’t want to be tagged for General topics, so the POMTL can be used if you follow its guidelines.


Thanks! It’s probably too late to remove it but I will remove it










Wanna do this in my GT? So we don’t clog up CMStudio’s?


Sure just tag me there


I think I congratulated you about your featured already (that might have been someone else though, sorry) Anyways, so this is officially your new General Topic then?




Congrats on your featured! I really loved your world simulator when you shared the link w/ us!


Thanks! If you want here is another update that just got released! :smile:



What a progress and improvement compared to the very first version! Awesome game! :+1: