Bring the Waffles + Potatoes! (Potatolover's LAST General Topic)



Hey, this is new. My old ones got so filled I just wanted to make a new one. And NO RETAKES THIS TIME.
Well, unless I recycle an old one.


How do you guys feel about me?

  • You were to me once.
  • Eh.
  • Wow. So logical, Piper.
  • I like potatoes.
  • Derp.
  • I don't answer questions like this.
  • Hm. Who are we talking 'bout again?
  • My friend!
  • She likes anime too. New friend.
  • Pokemonz r cool.
  • I dunno.
  • Hav'nt met you yet!
  • Drawing's cool.


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Anyway, this is a general topic so have fun!


XD. the title, "Baka" means- ugh, I don't want to explain. Maybe someone like @XiaoMiaoMi could.


Baka means idiot. That's all there is to it.

I am not Japanese, so I do not understand why you tagged me.


I mean, your also a fellow Weeabo, and I thought you could explain it better. Sorry for tagging you.


Ah, I see.
(And, a note— I'd prefer to be called an otaku, thank you.)


Alright, Otaku. Is there really a difference?


Hello @PotatoLover3!:grinning: I have a question for you, Have you ever eaten a potatoes you didn't like!:laughing::open_mouth:


Not exactly.....
Maybe. No. How (sorry) rotten, gross, or soggy it is, it's still a potato.

So I like it.



Yes, there is. A huge one.

A weeaboo is someone who is hugely dependent on Japanese culture, and wants to make themselves Japanese, and considers themselves Japanese due to their obsession over Japanese pop culture.

An otaku, defined literally, is someone who is obsessed with one thing. For example, a clock mechanician, a jacket-maker, et cetera. People whose lives revolve around anime and other facets of Japanese culture, Japanese or not, are called anime otaku(s), often shortened to just "otaku".

A key difference is in how they view what they see; how they position themselves.


(Like your profile picture, picture themselves.)

Wow. That's amazing, how you got all of that information in one post. Thanks, too.
But you've also doomed me. I don't know if I'm Weeabo or Otaku now.


Well, are there any anime that you don't mention in your bio that you particularily like? Knowing this can help sometimes.


I think I'm finnaly going to admit it. I'm scared I'm not cool, talking to an Otaku person that (most likely) is older than me, and way smarter. I'm scared people are going to judge me on how du.mb I am. I'm sorry.


No, I am not in high school. I am actually quite young for an 8th grader.

I will say that Hetalia is a really bad anime, and that Sword Art Online has been officially ranked as the worst mainstream anime in the world.

I'd suggest you don't proudly display "SAO fan" over your head if you are entering a global chatroom where people can broadly state their opinions.


I haven't watched it myself yet, but I have heard that the light novels are good.


Please don't feel that way. I joined HS when I was in 6th, and, well, I know how it feels to be surrounded by people much, much older than you and not know what to say to make yourself seem smart.

I am perfectly fine with talking with you. I honestly doubt the intelligence bit, and no, I am not going to judge you.


Yes, the light novels are very well-written.

The anime, however... It got very off-track and essentially ruined itself halfway through the first season.


I don't call myself a "SAO" fan, though. I say to people when they asked me what's my favorite anime, I always say: "Well I don't know. Maybe Soul Eater, I don't know. Hey look, a fly." And then avoid the conversation all together.


I, personally, am a fan of Assassination Classroom and the Servant of Evil series, but I am nowhere near someone to judge anyone based on their preference, haha.

After all, I am extreme Hetalia trash.


Oh yeah. SAO is bad. My friend said today: "You should get into more emotional Animes." gave him the silent treatment. I knew what he meant by "emotional anime".


I've heard otakus say that anime based off of a manga/light novel series aren't always... the best...