Bring Hour of Code to your school!



Hey Forum!!

The best holiday of the year is around the corner… Hour of Code (Dec 7-13) !!!

Hour of Code is a week when millions of people code for an hour…and teachers let you play Hopscotch DURING class. :joy_cat::joy_cat:

We made a ton of awesome videos for Hour of Code, and we’d love your help in spreading the word about them.

Please tell your teachers, your friends, or your family, so they can help other kids become coders like you. Yay! See below for an email we already wrote for you :slightly_smiling:

We’re thankful for your help, and keep making cool things and being yourself.

Liza + Hopscotch Team

PS: Did you realize that because you play Hopscotch you have superpowers most adults don’t have? So if adults don’t want to lead Hour of Code, you could! Here’s a pic of kids teaching their teachers’ bosses how to code. BALLLLLLLLLLER.



Are we doing Hour of Code in class this year?

We should! It's a week (Dec 7-13) where when millions of people try coding for an hour, and I think it would be really fun to do it in our class.

We could use Hopscotch, a coding app for iPad that I’ve been using recently. Hopscotch has free Hour of Code tutorials that students can do on their own, and there are also instructions if a teacher wants to lead the class. Even kids and teachers who have never coded before can use Hopscotch’s videos.

Check them out here:

I hope we do it this year, and let me know if you have questions about Hopscotch!


PS: If you want, I could lead Hour of Code. Here’s a pic of some kids teaching their district School Board how to code with Hopscotch :stuck_out_tongue: (!


What can I do if we only have iPads that have hopscotch in the junior school and my teacher does not know about it really?


Great question @Bubblyoreo! Two part answer:

  1. You are the best person to show your teacher how awesome coding is! Maybe you can show her some of the things you've made and what you've learned. How has coding helped you? Tell her that!

  2. Then, she'll be like OMG OF COURSE! The challenge then is a) asking her to see if she can borrow iPads from the junior school and b) showing her how easy it is to do Hour of Code. Give her the link to our website, where we list tons of resources for teachers. Your teacher doesn't have to know anything about coding to host Hour of Code (maybe she'll let you lead it!).

Here are our free Hour of Code resources:


I am pretty sure my teachers do not even know or have heard about Hopscotch! I wish I could do the Hopscotch Hour of Code. :disappointed_relieved:


You can tell them about it, @Phase_Studios! You can even lead it! Does your school have iPads?


Maybe @Liza! But I am sure that they would not really like me leading something during school! I am in middle school so yes my school does have IPads.


This is goodness.

Hey, I can tell that a lot of Hopscotchers like to see as many eyeballs and "likes" as possible on their creations. It makes them feel awesome - which they are, of course! :sunglasses:

So, friends, consider how much more awesome it will be for you, if a large number of teachers and kids all over the world see Hopscotch for the very first time, and if they start using it and encouraging even more people to give it a go. There will be more Hopscotchers, more submissions, more people sharing clever ideas, more opportunities for collaboration and friendly acquaintances and, for you who thrive on the attention, more "plays" and little, red hearts coming your way! Even more important - as if anything could me more important than the gratuitous praise in a collection of those little, anatomical blood-pump icons - is that, with a larger user base and greater attention, Hopscotch itself will get more of the other kind of supoort required to keep awesome people like the Hopscotch Team on-board. I am talking about... money in the real world. And that is likely to motivate and accelerate further development of the language and the inclusion of a lot more features.

So, by all means, share it, as @Liza has encouraged, and I think we'll be very pleased with the result.


I will send this to my gifted teacher. He use but I could convince him to use this instead of that.Maybe not my whole school because they don't like IPads at all.


@BlackDawn is good too! Tell him about your experiences and maybe he'll let you help lead Hour of Code!

@Phase_Studios Maybe they would! Try talking to your teacher or maybe your parents can talk to the school for you. I believe in you!

@oio Thanks for your support!! Maybe you can lead an Hour of Code, too?! (Nobody can escape my recruitment :p)


I have sent an email to our librarian. She LEDs the one for the whole school. I copied the message and changed to last part to saying that I could help and said that I had an account. Edit I think we might be doing Hour of code with Hopstoch this year. Yay time to make a presentation.


@Liza Ha Ha! "Nobody can escape my recruitment :p" That's funny! I am wodering how this would work if somebody does not go to school? (I don't) Is there anything I might be able to do? @Liza


I did it! @Liza, my teacher said totes!! So excited!! Is there any possible way you can come to my school during that time? I live (and go to school) in NY, just asking. BUT SOO EXICTED!!!!


Yeah! (err...if you live in New York City! Or close to it) Can you tell your teacher to email me?!


Re: "escape" - Ha, ha! I owe you one, as it is, @Liza.

I'm on it. I appreciate the suggestion.

I've no idea what the reply will be, but I know a certain charter school, whose director is about to receive an email - with some personal comments from me and a little video that shows how excited some people get, when they get introduced to Hopscotch. :sunglasses:

You'll be BCC'd on it.


Okay. I'll tell her on Monday. And, I live in Queens and go to school in Astoria. So I'll ask! Thanks @Liza!


I sent the email to my science teacher (I edited the sincerely)


I kinda want to lead it, but I've been embarrassed a lot because people think I'm coding with a puny little kids app.. :sweat: (I ignore it, but it would be 5 times worse if I lead! :confused:)


I would want to do it...but:

A) We don't have school iPads
B) None of my classes would really work for coding (geom., choir, S.S., E.L.A., drama, science...yeah no)
C) I'm fairly certain none of my teachers are even aware of Hopscotch
D) Our curriculums are basically set in stone so we wouldn't have time for it...


I really really want to do this but...

  1. In where I live (Southeast Asia), it already a month and a half long school holiday.
  2. My school DOES NOT use Hopscotch
  3. My school DOES have iPads, but we seldom get our hands on it.
  4. I'm graduating from Primary school (Element4ry school) to Secondary School (Middle School).


@Liza I don't go to school so what should I do?