Bring Coding Back!


What Is This?

Is This A Forums Or A Group Chat?
I'm Serious Look At This Why Has The Coding Left The Discussion Guys?

Please Make An Effort To Put The Conversation Back On Coding
To My Knowledge This Is The Only Forums That Would Even Kinda Tolerate These Topics So Far Off From the Conversation STOP ABUSING IT PLEASE!

Question: Raising the trust level of Random Stuff to members+

I agree.....But my topics aren't always on the topic of coding :cry:

When did it start getting like this?


Honestly there are way way more coding topics than I've ever seen on the forums atm xD
Anyways photobomb... and I used to post coding related stuff but I don't code anymore :)


well u took the right pic at the right moment i think!


No this it what it usually looks like


I think we should have more coding topics too, but remember that the Hopscotch team allows other creativity related things on the forum too, not just coding. It's mainly for coding, but other stuff is allowed ;)

Besides, if you look at the new topics every day most of them are about coding. There are a lot of general topics too, but there aren't nearly as many of those as there are coding topics.
And there are a lot of people who talk about coding and creativity in their general topics :D

Hey, if you want more coding, then why don't you code something? No offense, but making this topic isn't really helping. The only way to make more code is to make more code \(^o^)/


This is a forum.

Whatever reason the forum is made for, people will go off topic and make it into a chatroom.

Technically speaking, forums are for communication purposes. One we are tired of staying on one subject, we will find other subjects to discuss.

We used to have the code talk because the forum was still fresh, and Hopscotch was also a fresh subject. Then the "hype" expired, so we switched to non-hopscotch-related discussions.


@StarryDream I understand what your saying, and you are right that people do this. But that doesn't mean we can't try to keep it on topic as much as possible. It is called the Hopscotch forum for a reason. If somebody wants to chat about random stuff then they need to find a new forum. They don't have to leave this one, but they do have to stay on topic :D


I disagree with you. What you want something to become is different from what it eventually will become. Off-topicness is what made forums forums. HSF would be a lot less lively if we mainly talked about Hopscotch today.

I'm only stating what I think is true, so let's leave it to that.


I agree, the forum should not be a place to talk about general things in life. How many general topics do you see talk about code? Some do, but most don’t general topics should be taken down if they’re not coding.


I think it's called "society"




Math isn't always coding related, though

I don't exactly see how monomials and polynomials exactly fit in to coding
Or pi-3.14159265359


What’s with the full stops?


I think it's because you on the Random Stuff Category and not on the other categories...


I don't really know anymore. It's better than it was before the previous update to the forum, but it could be better. I tried muting the #random-stuff and sometimes it works, and other times it still puts them on latest (bug?), but when it does work, things are more productive, but less active. Are the forums just less active now?


Honestly, When the forum first started everything was coding and drawings, I think as time has passed.. People have began to think that if they steer off topic nothing is going to happen. After a few people did it, it became a trend.


This topic isn't about coding


I agree, although I'm pretty much off hopscotch :(
sorry for cluttering, but this summer is really boring so far and I have nothing to do


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