Bring back titles please


Hey guys and girls! I loved the thought of getting titles once you are a regular. Yesterday my boy @TheBlueWombat81 and I were chilling, and he told me that THT took away titles, he said now only @moderators could get the titles under their name.

I mean, this isn't that big of a deal, but I really wanted to get that cool little tag under their name. TheBlueWombat81 said, it added an aspect of trying to get to regular and higher, and be on the forum more all for that little title, was worth it.

I really would like the titles back, and so would a lot of people, vote if you agree!


  • Yeah bring back titles!
  • No I don't want titles!



No, I don't think it will be a good idea to bring back titles. It wouldn't be a treat if everyone had them.


Regulars can get a title that said regular, but custom titles aren't fair to people who don't have titles! :blush:


They haven't removed titles. You just get them as a reward and not randomly. I got mine from the BAS profile picture contest and I still have it.


I want titles, but I voted no, i don't want them, because the mods decided to take most away, so they did. They might occasionally give out titles, if you win a contest. But that's all. :(


For these awards, where are they? Are they given out by THT or mods? Just wondering! :smile_cat::+1:


I won a title from BAS


What is BAS? Is it like a contest?


It wouldn't be as great of a prize if everyone could get them.


Regular is the only easy to get title


I loved the titles! I think it should be possible to give yourself a title!


BAS is @BuildASnowman xD


Vote yes. We need titles back.


Well, I do want titles back, but I don't think it'll be fair for the ppl that won't get them.


If everyone has a title other than regular they wouldn't be special :frowning:


Getting a title shouldn't be the only reason you want to get regualr.


BAS= @BuildASnowman

Edit: nvm @ThePickle beat me to it


We don't want titles to be special.


But the mods do


I know. Why are they special?