Bring back the recommended games for the new Hopscotchers; remember this?


Remember when you were new, there were a bunch of really good games on featured?

Why not being this back! (If you joined in June2016 or later, you wouldn't know what on earth I am talking about!)

This was so fun, I always looked forward to seeing this channel, it'll inspire new Hopscotchers and it was a great way to never forget those outstanding games.

Only vote if you know what I'm talking about:
Should we bring back the great games on the top of featured where only new Hopscotchers could see them?

  • Oh yeah! Yes we should!
  • I think so
  • Maybe, but...
  • Nah
  • Wut?


I really loved this, it should be brought back...


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New Channel On Hopscotch? t1?

I joined April 2016!
I loved I mean loved those games


Especially Kalidecosmos


wasn't it that when you joined as a new hopscotcher and you looked at featured, you only saw game changers?


This channel was the reason why it got 52000 likes!


Yes, they were really good game, a combination of game changers and some oth great games.

At the bottom of the games were the regular featured.


oh yeah
also wasnt one of those 'other great games' lemonade stand by madi?


On hopscotch previously there was...
Less hopscotchers which equaled less hearts, less projects and features..

On hopscotch now there is...
More hopscotchers equals more hearts, more projects and features...


I joined June 2016 lol.


Here's the truth... I joined on November 2015 on my old account


I remember one of my games got into that section! That was awesome. :D

Yeah, I totally think we should bring it back! ^^


I started in December 2014, I miss those games.


Good idea.


The games that were on featured when I joined were... The magic colour box and bottle flip. All I remember.


No, there were lots of great games, not only game changers :D

And yes, this should absolutely be brought back! I didn't even know they removed it.


@Liza, @trust_level_4 could you please bring this back; it was a great way to never forget those amazing games. Most have said it was good.


I joined before June 2016 but I still don't remember those projects that was recommended, but it will be great if THT added it again! It would be a good inspiration for new hopscotchers!


I remember this! :slight_smile:


Wow! Great topic! I've been wondering about this very fact myself and have gotten pretty mad (it seems as though the THT has been putting Project on featured that should rather go into Rising)


I remember that! It was a great inspiration. I didn't realize it was gone.

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