Bring Back The Preview Button!


The title.

Anywho, we should bring back the "preview" button like on the old interface.
Just so you can, say, have something to have the start of a preview of the code, and then somewhere in the code to indicate the end.

For example, you are making a song in HS and you are wondering which note should put next. You have also put every note into a custom block to make things easier.
I hope people agree,


Picture of my cat


I think they took it away because rarely did anyone use it.


Yes, but I think they could make it better somehow, you could indicate where the preview should start and end.


Yeah! I definitely agree that the preview button is really helpful! I think that with the new update, it's going to be a bit harder to incorporate a preview button. :frowning:




I agree! I'm pretty sure I had just joined Hopscotch when the preview button was removed, but I still have a faint memory of it...


Why does everyone put a pic of there cat when there's a topic like this?

Anyways that would be cool to preview when making music.