Bring back the characters



I think Hopscoth should bring back the characters for people to use as profile pictures, Comment if you do.


You mean as profile pictures? Not thumbnails.


bird shall take over


I think we should have what we have now, AND characters. I would like to be able to choose from more profile pictures. :smile:


I agree! I miss the characters! I think also instead of patterns as avertars we should have more avatars like the watermelon, hotdog and pizza.


Yes I mean that. Thank you.


I don't know @SweetiePie


I guess I have to agree.


Yes yes yes yes! :bird::bird::bird::bird::bird::bird:


I agree! I really regret changing my profile picture from robo to shapes!


I was missing the characters a long time but now I like the new ones.


Yes, but if they not remove the pictures we have now. I still haven't changed my picture, I like monkey :slight_smile:


We still have the foods don't we? :thinking:
(I didn't see the new update >.<)


I agree! I used to have mine as a bear but I changed it but I want the bear back.


Lucky you joined before the update.


I used to have Raccoon and I want him back.


Yes we still do :cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie:


Okay, but they could still have the old ones but bring back the old old ones.