Bring Back The Chakinz!




I think I just missed that time...


I remember that time, I didn't really understand it so I never participated, but did you know there is an even older time period at the hopscotch forum? It's the beginning era, it was when the forum was first created and people mainly used it to share projects, do collabs, stuff like that. I think it ended in about late october 2015, and then people started to use slang and that stuff. Sorry if I sound negative when I said I was never interested in that because everyone thinks that I am one of the strangest people they have ever met.

If you don't know what I mean by that:

I don't like bacon, milk, pizza, cake, soda, and many other popular foods. I never met another person in the state who has the same name as me.

I think im getting kinda off topic but pls dont flag me


Yeah, I joined in August 2015, so I remember quite a bit of that...




I joined December 2015.


I have an idea. Let's start randomly saying sofas are pandas.


that is very random


Thank you so much.


You don't like.... pizza?? Joking!
I wasn't here untill the summer so I definitely wasn't here that early on! :sweat_smile:


I swear i'm not joking.... I know I don't like it...

this isn't a prank


Too much sugar for me


I don't like the frosting, but cake is the best. You're almost as crazy as me.


Then do you dislike milk, pizza, soda, steak, or ramen noodles too?

heres something extra to make this related:

my favorite random thing is the potato.


I don't really like milk, it depends on the pizza, I love soda. Steak I usually like, and idk what ramen noodles are.


Dank meme.
Danc mem


TREGROGSTUDIOS!!! Hi old fren! I totally agree with you!!!


(lol I don't like pizza, cake, milk, and sofa too)

Yeah honestly I don't want the chakins back

It was just annoying how everyone was obsessed with them


The old forum memes are quite low quality imo


I agreeeee