Bring Back te Leaders


We need to bring back the leaders.
Not famous people.
Real people as leaders.

Why? Because there just isn't much time when THT is on the forum. How is this important? Because there could be very harmful people or posts and action should be taken asap.

Who's with me?

  • Me!
  • Not me!



  • Me!
  • Not me!


Votes are public.


I'm insulted by this.

I was chosen as a leader because I'm famous?


wait. didn't rawrbear just make a topic like this?


No. I think you were chosen as aleader because you're a talented and qualified person that's works incredibly well with other hopscotchers @Gilbert189


Yes, because when I was chosen for leader, as my best project had 10 likes, I was so incredibly famous.


Bruh, I agree with you. That means I could be eligible. But I would rather not be a leader. I have to much on my hands already.


This commercial includes real people, not leaders.


Famous people are real people.
And they were picked because they were kind, helpful, and worthy of being leader.
Please ignore my vote lol I accidentally clicked


I'm not a real person. I''m an elf. Sorry, no leader for me


I was picked for leader because I wasn't a real person.

I'm a legend. I'm Beyoncé


At first I thought by famous people you meant like Beyoncé and Jay Z lol XD

It doesn't matter if you're famous to get leader.

But I do think we need to have them. Because as you said, THT isn't on all the time...


The thing is, people might get famous because they are leader worthy. They might become well known for being kind and helpful, and getting to know everyone! :smile:


Y u steal my topic :stuck_out_tongue:


And what do you mean by "not famous people"? Didn't know there was famous bias...




Lol I meant people actually good for the job
I'm not saying that the people that were leaders weren't meant to be leaders, I'm just saying "Give a chance to others as well."

Seriously, why weren't @CreativeCoder and @SmileyAlyssa promoted?


The first part is definitely true.
I'm not so sure about the second one.


I made the assumption after reading it was a test...
I shouldn't have made that assumption -_-



What do you mean?