Breakout - Build a Level & get added to project


Hi Hops. I thought the community might like to design some new levels & I may add a few to the project (and of course you’d get credit for the level!)

Right now the game has 10 levels

Red Bricks are “Fire Bricks” - flames trail the ball & the ball goes straight through bricks.

Grey Bricks are “Metal Bricks” - these are indestructible. These don’t get broken to clear the level.

Making Levels has been designed to be easy

Go onto the text object named Main

Scroll down to find the ability named Define Levels

Change the values that define any level

  • Every row needs 11 numbers (leading 0s don’t have to be entered).
  • With 7 rows, that gives you 77 possible locations.
  • Specify up to 55 bricks (don’t specify more than 55 or the code will break)
  • 0 = blank
  • 1 = Brick
  • 2 = Fire Brick
  • 3 = Metal Brick

If you want to design a level & possibly be included in an update of the project, just post below with a screenshot of your level and a screenshot of the code with the Row variables

Of course, I welcome any f eedback or bug reports.

Happy coding :smiley:

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Community contribution regarding projects is a really interesting idea. That project is amazing too! The animations are super cool.