Breakdancing? How?



Hi! How do I make things Breakdance without the ability (I have the update)


That was a preset ability from an old version of Hopscotch. It was removed. I can get the code in it if you want.


Repeat Times 2 {
Wait 500 Milliseconds

Change Y by 50
Change Y by -50
Turn 182 Degrees

Repeat Times 10 {
Turn -4 Degrees
Change Pose
Wait 80 Milliseconds
Turn 4 Degrees

Turn 178 Degrees

@AbigailCool the "{" and "}" symbols represent where the repeats stop and start.


Try looking at an old project and see!


Can you write the code?


Thanks! That's a big help! :yum::yum::yum: now I can do some cool projects!


What about change pose?


Never mind! I found it


Old abilities are also why I always have a project with all default abilities in my drafts when a new update comes out. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Welcome to hopscotch! glad you are getting people to help! Sadly old abilitys are not in hopscotch 2.17.1!
They replaced the abilitys with new ones!