Break from the Forum (EXCEPT COLLABS)



Hi! I will be taking a break from the forum, maybe even indefinitely. This is due to a combination of the course of recent events, being distracted from class, and my not posting projects on my Hopscotch account. However, I will work on the wiki. @CreativeCoder will be adding admins/bureaucrats on the wiki. I will mute this topic since I am sure I will be leaving for a while.
Please do not flag this


Well, bye for now! Hope you come back!


Bye! Come back soon!


Ok! Have fun, er, doing what ever your doing!


EDIT: I will not be posting on any topic besides any collabs I happen to make.


Well I'm back! Seems everything is alright but if there's more flame wars, I may have to leave.


Yay! Your back!


Nvm I'm going to stay away from non-collabs (I'll be in a Board Meeting)


But I'm forced to read in order to keep Regular...